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1. Contacts and info


2. My profession

[up]. I am a HYPNOTHERAPY practitioner ("ipnologo" in Italian), and I TRAIN whoever wants to learn how to use better her/his personal hypnotic ABILITIES, that is those important processes of adaptation, maintenance, homeostasis, and regeneration which are present in all living beings, and which we generally refer to as animal or human hypnosis. These BIOLOGICAL FUNCTIONINGS of self-help are by their nature spontaneous, deep, almost automatic, uncontrollable, and they DEPEND ENTIRELY ON THE ORGANISM THAT ORIGINATES THEM. That's why hypnosis is natural, innocuous, and beneficial. About benefits, the World Health Organization (WHO) defines the HEALTH as a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and not simply the absence of illnesses or infirmities. In fact, there are the therapies, that are aimed to detect and remove the causes of symptoms and pathologies, and there are the HOLISTIC APPROACHES, that are focused on OTHER aspects of the extended concept of health (energy, strength, concentration, self-control, general wellbeing, harmony, serenity, satisfaction of needs, strengthening, recovery, etc.), that is they are INTERESTED IN THE HEALTHY PART, and not in the sick part. These holistic disciplines are important and numerous; some of them use instruments or devices (acupuncture, biofeedback), body manipulation (chiropractic, osteopathy, reflexology, shiatsu), or various products (herbalism, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, naturopathy, aromatherapy, Bach flowers), while other disciplines are more natural, don't even require the knowledge of the person nor the contact with her/him, are entirely based on the self-determination of the client, and are ORIENTED AND AIMED TO THE GLOBAL IMPROVEMENT OF THE QUALITY OF LIFE (autogenic training, HYPNOTHERAPY, meditation, yoga, anti-stress counseling, spiritual healing, tai chi, qigong). The listing is not exhaustive, and it serves only to give an introductory idea to naive readers.

3. My qualifications

[up]. I have studied in UK, where I have got the "HYPNOTHERAPY PRACTITIONER DIPLOMA" (HPD, n. F035696), that is the gold standard for a credible, independent accreditation at a national level, since none of the assessors has any connection to the training providers. Being the practice of hypnotherapy free, my qualifications and achievements are mentioned for merely informational purposes.

4. My approach

[up]. For me hypnosis is one of the most fascinating innate abilities of the organism to MAINTAIN, ADAPT, and STRENGTHEN. These INDIVIDUAL ABILITIES of SELF-CONTROL are the core of the hypnotic work, and therefore it is important to know that PROFESSIONAL HYPNOTISM is an instructive-experiential service (for "active" clients), and not a diagnostic-curative service (for "passive" clients). In addition, every human being has the inviolable right to live as (s)he wants, and NOBODY, EXCEPT THE LAW, CAN LEGITIMATELY FORCE ANOTHER PERSON to do something or to refrain. Consequently, I refuse to consider a person "defective", I don't like at all to give advices or suggestions, I REJECT EVERY TYPE OF ABUSE, COERCION, MANIPULATION, VIOLENCE, or INTRUSION in other people' life, and personally I dislike hypnotic regression and hypno-analysis, and I dislike even more the common but wrong conception of hypnotherapy as a "treatment" or correction, because for me every person is fine just as (s)he is, and therefore THE CLIENTS CAN LEARN WHATEVER HYPNOSIS THEY WANT WITHOUT TELLING ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING ABOUT THEMSELVES. The approach that I offer is therefore VERY DIFFERENT, and WELL DISJOINED from the "psy" world of the so-called mental disorders; in fact hypnosis DOESN'T CHANGE PEOPLE IN ANY WAY and it never even tries to do that; on the contrary, hypnosis helps people to do their best IN THE STATE IN WHICH THEY ARE, making the cooperation fully safe, innocuous, and pleasant. In short, being a biologist, I PROMOTE the ECOLOGY and the ECONOMY, because for any living organism they are two essential elements of the SELF-DEFENCE. Moreover, in the human beings these winning forces can also be utilized specifically for enjoying the present life at the best possible level and by using what is already available, that is what I call "the GOOD PART". Below I summarize MY POINT OF VIEW and MY BELIEFS.

5. Fees and discounts

[up]. Duration and costs are determined by the client. The auto-hypnotic training is not a cure, hence the client is free to do whatever (s)he wants and as long as (s)he wants, because there are no routes, cycles, paths, or series of appointments. All clients can begin, terminate, restart, or experiment as they wish, without ties or recommendations of any sort, and they decide each time in total autonomy and on their own initiative. Instead of individual sessions, it is also possible to join group lessons, because in any case the training is based on practical exercises. If a client shows disrespect for the appointment or behaves in a way that causes a damage to the service or to other clients, then the hypnologist can request a compensation or can refuse to such client further accesses to the office. Lastly, please notice that an hour of work comprises also the formalities at the end of the session (payment, possible new appointment, farewell), and therefore it really corresponds to about 50 minutes of actual work. Of course it is possible to book also more than an hour, especially when the client comes from very distant places. THE PRICES LISTED BELOW ARE FOR EACH PERSON FOR AN HOUR.

6. The first hypnologist

[up]. About hypno-therapy, please keep in mind that this name comes from two unfortunate historical errors, because "hypno" means sleep, but today we know that the trance is actually very similar to the waking state and very different from sleep; and "therapy" is deceiving, because the nature of hypnosis is essentially autogenic, that is it depends on the body and on the mind of the person, and not on an external technology (therapy). This is why I like a lot more the word HYPNOLOGIST ("ipnologo" in Italian), which appears even on my identity card and on the plate of my office since 2003.

7. User protection

[up]. The user needs to keep in mind that there are many contradictory definitions of hypnosis, and therefore a good hypnotherapist should explain well her/his hypnotic approach, and should clarify that EVERY STATEMENT ON HYPNOTISM IS ACTUALLY JUST THE PERSONAL OPINION OF SOME EXPERT, or it is at best the individual position of one of the many schools of thought in the field. In my case please read (or read again) the point 1, about the nature of my services (here). Every true professional has the DUTY of protecting the consumers from a misleading advertising or practice, and has the RIGHT of being independent in thought and outlook, and therefore must be willing to speak honestly and without fear or favour. The practitioners must not allow themselves to be put under the control of dominance of any person or organization which could impair their independence or could try to intimidate or slander or behave illicitly. For example, those people that describe hypnosis in terms of suggestion, or technique, or cure, or psychotherapy, in my opinion are denying the reality, because they don't realize that their theories are clamorously contradicted by the evidence, hence they are unreal and anti-scientific; in fact, they are completely unable to explain the form of hypnosis that is by far the most common and widespread, that is AUTO-HYPNOSIS, which doesn't require any operator. It is on the contrary realistic and coherent with the evidence to say that hypnosis is a physiological functioning of self-maintenance, and therefore hypnology is a professional service which REQUIRES HOLISTIC COMPETENCIES and training that physicians and psychotherapists, as such, don't have (on the other hand, hypnotherapists are not competent in diagnoses and cures). Because of the fact that hypnotism is not regulated (because it is innocuous), the title of HYPNOTHERAPIST will be always exhibited in public also by people that have no specific and credible training in professional hypnotherapy. A typical example, in my opinion, is the sad reality of those people who, being unsuccessful in their profession and losers in their life, try to become self-styled hypnotherapists and hypnosis charlatans, and practically exploit their license (or other alleged qualifications) for deceiving the consumers and discrediting the genuine hypnotherapists. But this is obviously not a matter of titles and diplomas, but an issue of ethics and respect toward the people. I'm telling this not in order to make some comparison or advertising, but, on the contrary, with the aim of helping to understand two things: that HYPNOTHERAPY SHOULD BE NEVER MISTAKEN FOR A CURE OR A CLINICAL COUNSELING, and that, despite it's still very young and in a continual development, HYPNOTHERAPY HAS GROWN INTO A TRUE PROFESSION, now recognized by everybody, but unfortunately not yet far enough from the quackery of the tech-buffoons of the suggestion. And finally, dear reader, keep in mind that my website cannot offer the truth, but it simply describes and represents my ideas and MY OPINION, that is a completely subjective and personal point of view, which should be intended as a stimulus to think, to gather information, and to take more conscious decisions.

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