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132. Improvisation with a slumbering person

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: a wife accompanied her husband in my office for an intensive training in hypnosis, and then she sat apart in an armchair and started to write notes on some paper sheets on her lap; since such position was rather uncomfortable, I said: "if you want, you can sit down here on my chair and you can use my desk, while I sit down there on your armchair and do as well my job with your husband.. in this way you can write a lot more comfortably"; she thanked me for my kindness, and exchanged her seat with mine. At the end of the hypnotic session of the husband, we realized that the wife was soundly asleep on my desk, with her head on her forearms; the husband said: "you know, the trip has fatigued her very much", so I replied: "well, then let's leave to her how and when to awaken"; since the husband didn't understand what I meant, I invited him to watch carefully, and then..
APPROACH: ..I started to tap the back of the chair where she was sitting. By synchronizing the taps with the end of her breathing, and then changing the rhythm, it become evident that when I delayed my strokes she delayed her expiration (but not beyond a certain limit); then I tapped her as soon as she started to inhale, and after a while she began to show little muscular contractions on her face, which I pointed to with my finger in order to make the husband observe it; then I restarted with the single strokes, but this time not on the back of her chair but on the desk surface, and then on the back of her chair again, and by altering the intensity of my tapping, the wife occasionally twisted the [neurologically] dominant side of her mouth as if she were gnashing her teeth, but keeping her lips close and in contact; then I tipped her shoulder, then the desk, then the chair, then the desk, and then her other shoulder, and she continued to twist her mouth except when I was tipping her shoulders, hence I tipped her arm and then, more strongly, the table; after some time she opened her eyes and with her peripheral sight she watched me steadily despite the obvious difficulty in doing that in such position, because I was almost behind her; nevertheless, she kept her head absolutely still; after several minutes she awakened and seemed very aware; the session ended in the following way: [wife] "maybe I have fallen asleep.. I was dreaming, then I felt a sort of beats all around me.. they were bothersome because they were disturbing me, so I wanted to awaken, but I was unable to do it, or maybe actually I didn't want to awaken because without those beats it was very beautiful and pleasant".
RESULT: increased interest for hypnosis, and request of a very peculiar couple training [details omitted for privacy].
UPDATE (1 month): great satisfaction of both clients for the hypnological abilities and competencies that they acquired within a very short time and with minimal costs.

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