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131. The discovery of hypnology

PERSON: man.
DESCRIPTION: "I have nervous tics since twenty-five years, but not only in the face, but also here, in the neck and in the shoulders, do you see? They appear mainly during stressful situations, and because of these involuntary contractions I have also problems in the inter-vertebral disks and also a relevant local inflammation, and sometimes I stutter intermittently; I received a great deal of physiotherapy, but at no avail.. then I have been referred to a psychoanalyst, but after two years of sessions I got no results.. I also tried psychotherapy and regressive hypnotherapy, but I abandoned them because I was hearing those same things that I already knew, and I became very very unwilling to receive those boring explanations and suggestions about my problems, hence I faked a regression, and the therapist believed in it like a chicken, and when I was told that psychologically I was improving, actually I was scornfully laughing within myself, so I abandoned psychology and I joined some self-improvement seminars, and I also worked with an osteopath, a chiropractor, a posturologist, and a pranotherapist.. now I want to try your training.. I want to substitute my tics with something else, something more useful, but unfortunately I didn't find yet a substitute, maybe because I need my tics, and moreover I want to protect my privacy.. Dr X, who has been your client, told me to see you because you teach practical, simple, and quick things".
APPROACH: introductory explanation about my training ("don't worry.. in hypnology to explain problems or giving suggestions is just a waste of time, because hypnosis is based not on psychological theories, but on people"), then aided hypnotic self-exploration of the useful amount of tics, as wanted by the client, with frequent contradictions and changes of strategy by the client during an incredibly chaotic and disordered session.
RESULT: the client asked immediately another appointment, then canceled it, then booked it again, and finally canceled it again while saying "forgive me"; no further news.
UPDATE (1 year): the client appeared again after about a year, and told me: "you know, I didn't want to come here again, because.. well, as you can see by yourself [his movements were evident and frequent, but a lot slower than a spasm].. did you remember my tics when we met for the first time? After that session I avoided you and your hypnosis because.. well, because it worked.. yes, I know that it seems absurd, but it's the truth.. it started to work when I discovered that your hypnosis is not yours, but it's inside me, hence I didn't need any longer to work on those tics as I always believed until the meeting with you, and such liberation has changed my life.. you see me only now because I didn't know for sure that I had found a way to live better, but now I'm certain, and that enabled me to come here and tell you".

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