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130. Surprising natural abilities

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: "I am here in your office in order to improve my concentration for my university studies, otherwise I will not be able to get my degree in time.. I have no energies, I am insomniac, and I'm always tired.. drugs are useful, but they make me numb, therefore the physician told me to keep the dosage as low as I can, and, if possible, to avoid to drive a car.. the insomnia and the fatigue appeared after a bad experience when I was a child, so I worked with a psychologist-psychotherapist in order to get to the original causes, to the root of the problem, but those sessions made me worse and more fatigued than before.. I also tried reiki, hypnosis, and autogenic training, but at no avail.. then my friend X showed me your website, and she brought me here".
APPROACH: "you are very tired, therefore please sit down very comfortably, and be sure that any part of your body is positioned in the most pleasant position.. it will not be the rest that you want, but at last you will feel at ease"; after some hints about the usefulness of the autogenic training, her immobility became quickly absolute, with her mouth partially open, her jaws embalmed, her facial expression frozen, and her gaze fixed on her knees. Then X said: "I have never seen her in such a state.. she seems a statue". I replied: "try to lift her hand". X tried to do so, but despite her efforts she failed, and showed her astonishment to me. I commented: "now you know the difference between this hypnotic phenomenon and a conscious muscular resistance", and then I described several cataleptic phenomena, and also certain superhuman actions that common people become able to do for example in emergency situations. Then the mobile phone of the client started to ring and interrupted me, while the client didn't show any sign of reaction to it. Hence X asked: "but.. doesn't she hear the ring? Why she doesn't answer?". In that moment the client emitted some sounds, then looked the mobile phone, than turned her head toward it, moved her hand, and finally answered the call with a slow, strange voice.
RESULT: the client imformed me that "this experience has been very amusing", and few days later she called me personally for an appointment, saying that despite her mind was still tired, nevertheless her memory had improved, the insomnia was a lot less than before, and, even more surprisingly, she didn't need any longer to get up during the night in order to urinate.
UPDATE (5 months): the client told me that she get her university degree in time, and asked me a complementary analgesic training in order to avoid a drug intoxication [details omitted for privacy].

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