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129. Homosexual priest with incurable mental disorders

PERSON: man.
DESCRIPTION: a Christian priest, Hispanic American, told me the following in my office: "I would be a wonderful priest if only.. well.. I am tormented since a long time by a terrible sin.. I feel a sexual attraction for other men.. I am gay.. so there are two sins, because I should love only Jesus, not sex, and I am also.. a sodomite. I'm under antidepressant drugs since two years but nothing has changed; I underwent also a long and costly psychotherapy but without any result; after several months the therapist told me that my "Antisocial Personality Disorder" was not improving; after that, then, a psychologist hypnotized me few times and suggested some improvement, but it never happened.. I'm here because I don't want further treatments, and since my GP knows you and your training, she told me to give it a try.. but, honestly, I don't believe that..".
APPROACH: "you are a priest, and you have chosen to believe in Jesus and to disregard other gods.. well, I am in a similar situation, because I'm exercising my right to fully believe in human abilities and to completely disregard and ignore the mental disorders". He didn't like my words, and uttered: "sorry, but let me at least show you a thing.. please wait a moment.. here's my mobile.. I'm going online.. google search.. here you are: the 'Antisocial Personality Disorder' is when someone habitually manipulates, exploits, violates, or disregards the rights of others, and..". I immediately interrupted him: "who cares? In hypnology the only thing that truly matters is your opinion, and to talk about problems is just a waste of time in this type of work. Therefore, in your opinion, *WHO* actually did those things to whom? And *WHO* truly exploited and disregarded who's rights? Who?".
RESULT: he became silent and stayed still, and after a while, he started to cry desperately like a child, shedding a lot (and I mean a lot) of tears, and when finally he calmed down I said with a very friendly voice: "my dear and valuable priest, please leave my office immediately, because nothing should interfere with your.. epiphany".
UPDATE (5 years): in the next days this man had sex with several homosexual males, and became (in his textual words) "one of the most serene and proficient and good-hearted priests ever". Finally he added this comment: "oh, I forgot: since then I never allowed any longer anybody to exploit me again! It never happened again.. I told you all of this only now [that is after about five years!] because for many months I was afraid that it could happen again, but now I know that it will never happen again, I'm sure, now I really feel it!".

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