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128. Raped by pedophiles and refractory to therapies

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: "when I was a child I have been raped by my grandfather, my father, my brothers, and many other men that used to come to our home even in groups.. after the first violences I attempted the suicide, but then I gave up because I lack the courage.. I feel myself dying each day because of this torment.. initially I took some drugs for a long time and the doctor changed the cures many times, then I underwent psychotherapy for years and years almost weekly, and now, since several months, I see a psychologist, but nothing has ever changed.. they say that I must be patient, but I just spend money without results, and when I talk about my past experiences I feel even more pain.. I'm here only because my friend X escorted me to see you, otherwise.. but X told me that you don't ask questions, you are not a brain-squeezer [sorry for the word, but this is exactly what the client said].. to be honest it's more than a year that X speaks of you to me, but I have always withdrawn.. I don't feel any hope.. moreover I have to pay the psychologist, and therefore I cannot obviously afford to pay also you".
APPROACH: I ensured her that there was no reason to worry, because charity is very frequent in my profession; she smiled and said "thanks", but then, unexpectedly, she started to look at me insistently and to study me; at that point I ignored her completely and began to talk with X (a client of mine) about the biological phenomenon of the cicatrization and the natural reparation of the tissues by means of the so-called "inflammatory infiltrate" (X has recently undergone a surgical operation on her forearm); when I talked about the exudate that the sutured wound naturally produces, the woman stopped me abruptly: "please, would you stop? These things are nauseating for me!"; so I replied: "well, then take inspiration from the wound of X!"; she paused for about a minute, than asked an appointment.
RESULT: as soon as she left my office, the woman told X: "I don't want to come again in the office of this guy.. if the session is free of charge, then surely he will want something else from me", and forced X to call me and to cancel the appointment made few minutes before. After a couple of days, X called me again and said that the woman had changed her mind and wanted again the appointment; when the woman came into my office she was alone, and told me: "it never happened before.. for the first time in my life, I didn't vomit any longer the toothpaste.. it's like I had discovered that it's not sperm, and I felt myself freed from my gigantic oppression.. I have never been able to talk about this.. you are the only one that knows this.. but now I can tell it because it has become an irrelevant thing, even ridiculous.. you know, when you offered me to come in your office without worries you have unleashed the hell within me.. I felt a lot of confusion and pain because I cannot believe that a man could do something for me without asking any form of payment.. then I felt an incredible euphoria, because I didn't vomit any more, and many old things lost suddenly their importance.. that is they lost, I would say, their color.. it has been a cascade of events.. I'm so happy that I feel myself drugged-like.. I have shocked the psychologist.. she was astonished by my new attitude.. she told me that she cannot recognize me any longer, and that she doesn't understand".
UPDATE (2 years): the quality of life has improved dramatically and firmly; the woman ceased permanently to see the psychologist, and never misses the opportunity to tell X: "at last, also my wound has healed!" (information got from my client X).

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