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126. Childbirth and mastitis

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: "I have been told that the caesarean is a good option, but I want a natural childbirth, and I only need to learn to let everything happen naturally".
APPROACH: auto-hypnotic training for developing a particular trance suitable for her, that is a "surprising" (in the first lesson) and then an "intermittent" (during the second and last session) trance [details omitted for privacy].
RESULT: "it has been a wonderful experience.. I have been unaware of a large part of it.. all started in a natural way.. I only felt a backache, but the continual presence of my contractions gave me serenity; I entered the hospital with a moderate dilation, and the obstetricians estimated a childbirth of eight hours or more, but I ended in less than six hours.. I expelled in half an hour in a fully natural way, without lacerations, without episiotomy, without anything.. I had a so regular and quick dilatation that I got several congratulations from the obstetrics.. they were surprised.. at a certain point the pain become intense, but I was very confident, and everything was going on in the right way, so I stayed very quiet all the time.. after the childbirth i got a mastitis and the fever reached 39 degrees [Celsius], and I received antibiotics.. moreover, the pediatrician told me that I had to bottle-feed, because the breast-feed would be impossible, but I healed at an incredible speed, and I breast-fed anyway".
UPDATE (1 month): no further news.

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