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124. Useless neuropsychiatric therapies.

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: "my neck is stiff, very painful, and I feel as.. having a plaster down to my shoulders; I got several treatments with anti-depressive drugs, first from neurologists, then from a psychiatrist.. three different cures, but the result has been zero in all attempts.. I also tried psychotherapy, but it worsened my anxiety further more, and then I tried massages as advised by the physician, but they damaged me, and I immediately consulted an orthopedic.. he told me to discontinue immediately the massages, and advised me to try some other calming method, or even to visit Lourdes.. I don't know.. I would like to try self-hypnosis".
APPROACH: hypno-analgesic training, but with no results, apart some very cold comments from the client; further hidden attempt to induce a trance, followed by a sudden, unexpected, and complete relief from pain, and then followed by an evident confusion, uncertainty, and disorientation about this "very strange fact"; quick return of the pain exactly as before the trance, and spontaneous comment of the client: "I'm defending myself.. yes.. defending", and her refusal to explain the meaning of those words; continuation of the training followed by a very aggressive interruption by the client: "damn, I have wasted a lot of money and time.. I don't have a neurological problem, and I am not mentally ill.. during those few minutes, when the pain disappeared, for me everything has changed, and I mean everything.. now I feel all the pain again, well, maybe a little less than before, but now I do know where I am 'plastered'.. do you know where?"; my answer: "that's not my business, keep your secrets for yourself"; next, hypnotic meditation within her and then her statement of a constructive effort to handle the matter in first person; emotional self-correction of an "ardently craved situation which is no longer recoverable and even harmful now"; starting of a spontaneous revelation of very intimate details, that I immediately discouraged also because she was clearly not willing to get pleasure from certain very favourable situations.
RESULT: no improvements after the first lesson for her hypno-analgesia, in order to "attack the tension" as her physician suggested at the beginning; full initiative of the client from the second session, with very strong emotional expressions (verbal and not) during the third lesson; her personal initiative (during the fourth meeting) to set up by herself a very convenient plan of life adaptation; powerful amplification of the pleasure during the fifth and last session, but with the final decision from her part to continue to negate to herself the pleasure, and to keep the things as they are, because after all "it is convenient for me to do so.. at last I have no doubts.. it's like to be in peace".
UPDATE (1 year): permanent decrease of pain and rigidity by 50% or even more. Great satisfaction for this partial result.

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