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123. Anxiety refractory to any cure

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: eating disorders, diabetes, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, hypercholestherolemia; "during the night I'm not hungry, but during the day I cannot avoid to eat a lot, diets are impossible for me.. if I only ate regularly everything would go fine.. 10 kg less would be enough for me"; nervousness refractory to psychotherapy and drugs, but persistence of a big, intense desire to put order in her life, to have better care of herself, and to be more detached from problems"; very impressed by my description of the individual forces hidden into our unconscious.
APPROACH: hypnotic training with strong dissociation; spontaneous anesthesia in her hand; unexpected hallucination ("I see my hand completely deformed.. it's incredible"); predominating unconscious functioning; disorientation; overlapping hallucinations; training for auto-hypnosis.
RESULT: more quiet, and "strangely less hungry" after just an hour of hypnotic training; disappearing of her disordered eating, and discovery, after her second session, of a mechanism of constant self-devaluation ("you know, I was using my microwave oven in the kitchen while suddenly I became aware of that mechanism"); uncertain negation of her accomplishments ("it seems to me that nothing has changed"), and then her astonishment in recognizing them ("despite my more regularized eating.. my god, I'm contradicting myself?! [smile].. how did I miss it [the change]? Why I acknowledge them [the improvements] only now? How many things I have left on the road in my life?"); my comment: "you are the only one who has the answers, and it's up to you to find them by yourself".
UPDATE (7 months): no further news, apart a postcard with greetings ("I'm 10 kg less, now!").

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