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121. Wounded and bloody skin

PERSON: man.
DESCRIPTION: "my hands are full of wounds which are often bleeding; since 5-6 years I'm tormented by this.. I'm fine for three days (with symptoms at 2-3), and then for about seven days my skin explodes (symptoms up to 7-8 or even 10).. I'm taking cortisone since a long time, but after an initial improvement I had no other benefits, and now I risk to lose my work because of this problem".
APPROACH: hypnotic training very generally oriented on the "arms that are comfortably resting on the legs"; introductory familiarization with a self-hypnosis and some focus on the hands; presentation of posthypnotic phenomena, and training specifically aimed to produce a very deep auto-hypnotic trance to be used at home, thanks to the excellent hypnotic ability of this man.
RESULT: during the first lesson, impressive reduction (very visible and evident) of the swelling in the fingers, at such a point that he was able to clench his hands into fists (an action that was absolutely impossible to do before); pleasant sensation of coldness in the hands; during the second session, satisfaction of the client about a presence of constantly low and well controlled symptoms ("my nuisance is constantly at 2.. sometimes I don't even need to take cortisone.. I feel that we are at 50% of the result.. but I'm frightened by the idea that I could relapse into the original pain"); during the third appointment, supervision of his self-hypnosis, practiced at home with growing enthusiasm and with excellent results ("now when I put my hands under the tap water I feel the freshness of the water, and it is pleasant, while in the past it was an infernal fire.. several days ago my work colleagues asked why I don't wear my gloves any longer.. I was extremely happy"); during the fourth lesson, further supervision and immediate change in the exercises, because there was some urgent need of making more active the sensory-motor hypnosis in the hands, and, at the same time, of making more passive the self-hypnosis against the stress for the rest of the body, by following the idea, extremely interesting for him, that "the muscle-skeleton discharge will leave in peace your derma"; surprising client's discover of the presence, on his hands, of almost specular lesions (mirrored along the left-right axis), with further apparent but very rudimentary self-hypnoanalytical insight about other aspects of his personality.
UPDATE (3 months): "the pain has gone, and the wounds are healing.. I have just some itch and some swelling.. also my physician is amazed.. now I do auto-hypnosis just once per week, because now I'm able to control even the itching, while in the past I needed to almost take the flesh off.. well, I could do the same even now, but now the feeling of protection is a lot stronger that that impulse.. it's like to have a pale into the head that blocks the damage, and that's perfect for me!" (this last sentence has been said by the client two times).

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