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120. Endless diet violations

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: "since twenty years I tried some diet in vain.. I comply with the diet for just several days, but then it is useless.. recently I have been prescribed another diet, and also this time I have been told to commit myself to respect it, but I already know that I cannot, therefore let's forget it.. I would like to use hypnosis in order to concentrate myself on a better body".
APPROACH: basic hypnotic training centered around the fact that a better body means necessarily also a better way of eating.
RESULT: immediate conscious acceptation of the idea of eating better, but absolute unconscious refusal of such idea during hypnosis, and spontaneous awakening from the trance ("there is something wrong, I'm feeling devoid of resources, we are completely out of the road"); during the second session, complete disinterest for the body weight, strong resistance against the development of self-hypnosis, but then deep trance, and then the following sequence of events: chagrin and unpleasantness, immobility and prolonged silence, spontaneous verbalization ("if I were calm, I would eat well"), catalepsy and total inertia, smile, an expression of calmness and joy, and finally awakening from the trance and mysterious comment: "I don't know how to explain.. it's an experience which is impossible to describe.. who doesn't try it cannot believe, cannot understand [???].. I don't know what happened.. I just do know that now I'm feeling as if I have been freed from something.. it's wonderful [???]".
UPDATE (2 weeks): her lapidary comment ("the diet works!") and cancellation of our next appointment, booked some days before.

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