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119. Tinnitus resistant to cures

PERSON: man.
DESCRIPTION: persistent tinnitus; "I tried everything, and presently I'm doing acupuncture and sound therapy with an electronic device that a doctor programmed for me, and which emits white sounds in order to train my ears to ignore the tinnitus, but despite this I'm fine only one day every three".
APPROACH: self-hypnosis training for calmness, and for the control and lowering of unnecessary auditory perceptions.
RESULT: training for an invincible deactivation of the eyelids; second session: "during a night the tinnitus incredibly went off, and that surprised me a lot.. now I'm fine two days out of three"; training for capitalizing on the results obtained; third session: "I had tinnitus again two days out of three, just as before but .. a very strange thing is that I don't remember a thing about the last session"; deepening of the trance, and unusual discovery ("what a strange thing .. in this moment I'm very well.. I hear no tinnitus .. but I know that they are there .. I feel them behind the corner"); my comment, very astonishing for him: "this proves that in the presence of tinnitus you can be good or bad, so the presence of tinnitus is irrelevant to the well-being"; fourth session: "this exercise of the eyelids intrigues me a lot.. I do not know how, but it greatly affects tinnitus, because I forget it [the tinnitus]; my comment: "you see a wound on your arm, and then it hurts, but the wound is there since some time, who knows how much time, but it didn't hurt until now, but then you see it, and from that moment on, the process of pain becomes irreversible, and the wound continues to hurt.. so it's obvious that the pain does not depend on the wound"; deep trance induction and amnesic training, with unexpected development of the ability to evoke the tinnitus and to stop it; fifth session: "I broke the record for the first time .. it was three consecutive days without discomfort!"; training for the development of deep self-hypnosis at home, with the ability to generate specific, unbreakable amnesias; sixth session: partial improvements but stable; "finally tinnitus are much less troubling even in the morning"; rapid entry into a trance just after the following comment from my part: "now you feel your feet in your shoes, but how long can you do that?"; significant increase in self-hypnotic skills; seventh session: "it happened again.. I had tinnitus for a whole day .. I didn't expect such a reappearance.. I am very discouraged and disappointed"; my comment: "your judgment depends on the time window used for the assessment, hence it is unreal. One does blood exams, and finds a value of 15, which normally should be between 1 and 10, so he is sad for this; then, he gives a look also to the previous analyses, but this changes the time window, and he discovers that the above value has this trend: 50-35-20-15, and this makes him very happy, because the value is becoming more and more normal"; client's recognition of the fact that the tinnitus is secondary to the welfare.
UPDATE (3 years): stable improvement of the initial situation (which was a cycle of three days, two with and one without the whistle), hypnotically making the whistle "low low, just one day every three .. the subconscious really works.. I don't need any longer the acupuncture.. things have changed and are changing.. when I hear the whistle I just turn on the radio or put a white noise, and I have no more the need to put the headset on".

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