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115. Rigidity on the stage

PERSON: boy.
DESCRIPTION: very talented musician (wind instrument player), recruited even by Ennio Morricone; "when I have to perform in front of the public, my neck becomes rigid, and I produce very bad sounds; I have this problem since a couple of years, and despite the psychotherapy and other cures it is worsening more and more, and this is very distressing".
APPROACH: four-hour session, very prolonged description of the issue from his part, growing interest from my part, and then, suddenly, unexpected spontaneous hallucinatory activity with very extensive and apparently neutral screen memories; vision of himself at age of 8 and then 14 in a strange place where "there is the music, and I see it, but I cannot hear it"; undetermined but strong emotional accesses; rapid switching from waking state and trance state for many times and spontaneously, with surprising comments.
RESULT: unexpected and unintelligible comments from his part, like the following: "I was sure that my life choice was wrong, but it is the right one.. it's really amazing!", or: "many errors of X [a person] are coming to my mind.. I don't understand how it has been possible for me to forget them.. now I see X as she really is.. and also this is amazing!", and, finally: "ah, that's the concert, 4 years ago, I must play, but I'm extremely sad because of that bad quarrel.. I see the music on the score, but I'm so suffering that I don't hear the music"; abrupt interruption of the trance with a feeling of relief, but strong disappointment when, playing the instrument in front of me, his neck became rigid as usual; second and last session (two hours, during the next day); "last night I had a lot of dreams, and this issue didn't arise 4 years ago, but 20 years ago"; several trials with his instrument in my office, very powerful sound, performance risen up to 80%; his request for learning a deeper hypnotic muscle relaxation, despite my provocative skepticism for better improvements; intense and fast hypnotic learning about involuntary movements and movements against his will, then further experiments with his instrument; this time extremely powerful sound, 100%, "it's perfect.. I make the whole building vibrate!"; true euphoria and sharp feeling of an artistic development "unstoppable and toward levels never seen before".
UPDATE (2 years): no further news, no contacts from him.

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