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113. Invincible headache

PERSON: girl.
DESCRIPTION: continual headache since childhood, 7-8 on a scale from 1 to 10; "this pain is burning and constant, and psychotherapies has been useless, and I underwent many of them, and also the drugs are useful only at the beginning, for few days, and then it becomes necessary to try another drug.. I am indeed a trouble, as my mother usually tells me".
APPROACH: informal training with fast pace, induction of several hallucinatory phenomena, and following post-hypnotic self-helps; training for hypermnesia (requested by the client), and, finally, because of the lack of effectiveness of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and hypnoanalysis, final agreed attempt of an experimental hypnotic work described as "radical and invasive"; following work in deep trance, with strong dissociation, somatic activities, and likely self-reorganization at the level of some deep fears.
RESULT: during the first session, sudden deepening of the trance, and fear of being unable to move her body, subtotal fog in the sight, and headache completely disappeared; my request of restoring some pain (which reappears, but at 5 instead of the usual 8); in the second session, strong involvement of the stomach (tension) and immediate and total vanishing of the headache; good physiological control; in the third session, no useful results, pain worsening, and choice of the client of destabilizing unconsciously the pain at an unconscious level instead of trying to forget it more and more with an hypnotic amnesia; deep trance induction, strong psychosomatic activities, and head "very very strange", with sensations never present before, and very pleasant bodily quivering; in the fifth and last session, pain stable at 5, but with vast intervals of no pain at all; concomitant, intense development of interests, motivations, self-esteem, emotional arousal, and astonishment for her definite feeling of calmness and security; sharp perception and feeling of a change in motion, described by her as irreversible and pleasantly unavoidable.
UPDATE (2 years): no further information from her.

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