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112. Nocturnal cry and fright

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: nocturnal cry with screams and fright ("I don't know the reason of this behavior, but it happens every night, sometimes several times during the same night").
APPROACH: simple hypnotic uncovering ("you don't know the reason, but your unconscious does. We don't need to discuss this matter further"); preliminary talk terminated after five minutes; immediate employment of hypnosis.
RESULT: one session; spontaneous hallucination (during her trance) of a scaring and weird mask; sudden insight of the woman at home, revealed later to me during a phone call ("it was not a mask.. it was my face with gauze bandages.. I was looking my face at the mirror.. I have had an accident at home, and a doctor dressed the burns on my face").
UPDATE (1 month): casual encounter in the street (I'm feeling a lot better.. some times I emit a little cry, but at worst it happens once during the week, and it stops there.. formerly, on the contrary, I became frightened, and it happened several times per night").

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