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111. Hypno-birthing

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: urgent request to be hypnotized because of an imminent childbirth ("within about seven days I will be mother.. I need to do some hypnosis, because my preceeding childbirth has been very long and extremely painful, so now I'm very scared").
APPROACH: "we won't have enough time for a complete training, so the main goal will be to have the baby as rapidly as possible.. now, you said that you cannot return to my office, so we have just one occasion.. and you never had any hypnotic training, so you must rely completely on your unconscious mind, and develop a trance so deeply that you will be able to handle the whole childbirth". Intense hypnotic training, without interruptions.
RESULT: very good trance depth, and excellent understanding of the idea that it was mandatory to exploit this short training in the most effective way.
UPDATE (3 months): childbirth occurred just three days after the session; her phone call after three months: "I wanted to tell you that in the night of the childbirth at about 2 I felt some pain, and I went to the bathroom, and then I watched the tv until 4:30 just to distract myself. Then with my husband I took the timing of the contractions, and we found 12 contractions in 1 hour, so he wanted us to go to the hospital. I was so quiet that between one contraction and the other I was singing while hearing the radio in the car. After the medical exams I was told that my dilation had already reached seven centimeters or even more, and that the childbirth was really imminent. After one hour I already had the baby. Fortunately my husband has been resolute in his decision to go to the hospital.. I risked to complete the childbirth at home by myself! The contractions were very strong, but the pain was so short that it could be forgotten immediately. I didn't receive any drug, and I didn't let the doctor use the hook to broke my waters. With just three pushes I completed the entire childbirth. I did it in five minutes, but the clock was saying that an entire hour had passed".

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