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110. Too demanding

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: 35 years of insomnia; benzodiazepines and tricyclics very unsatisfactory (4-5 hours of intermittent sleep); very anxious personality, high blood pressure because of the drugs (risk of glaucoma); poisoned by X (a drug that today is considered very dangerous); break down after father's death; laziness; hypnosis with "a psychologist definitely unable to hypnotize and charlatan in hypnosis"; her demand of some hypnotic miracle.
APPROACH: hidden inductions, in order to respect her hyper-vigilance and also to handle a rather worrying increase of her aggressiveness towards me (the hypnotist); appearance of wide amnesias (foggy recall of the procedure), time distortion, and dissociations, with intense physical abreactions which she continued to deny despite their evidence.
RESULT: hypnotic demonstration of the presence of traumatic unconscious (repressed) material (not recognized, of course, neither by her physicians nor by her psychologists).
UPDATE (3 months): general improvement, but also complete unwillingness of the client to continue her work, that she considered too demanding for her.

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