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107. Obesity

PERSON: man.
DESCRIPTION: obesity ("my lungs are under pressure, my back is painful, I have no care of myself, I ceased to use drugs and diets because they are useless.. I always eat, and so I don't know what is hunger, and in addition I'm a glutton; I would like to refrain, because I don't want the food to be the main thing; I need an automatic weight loss.. I want to lose no less than 30 kg").
APPROACH: accurate selection of the starting point ("let's begin from the greediness, which is like an addiction"); insistence on his personal responsibility; employment of a somnolent trance, very suitable and relaxing for him; almost complete absence of suggestions during his trance; extreme stress on the concept of "lazy hypnotic comfort"; sessions very spaced in time, with more and more marked deepening of his trance.
RESULT: amazement after the first session ("I have no longer that aggression toward food.. very strange.. it's really a mistery!"); removal of bread and brioches; loss of 4 kg in two months ("I refrain without refrain.. it couldn't be better.. but how it is possible?"); further loss of 4 kg after the second session ("it's amusing for me to bewilder people.. they wonder why I eat a lot less, and they don't understand!"); spontaneous hallucinations with his eyes open (the face of a very loved person) during his fourth and last session, with intense emotional elaborations.
UPDATE (1 year): further big loss of weight (information received from another client who came for the same problem); no further news.

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