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106. Forgotten memories

PERSON: man.
DESCRIPTION: repressed traumatic material; psychotherapy useless ("practically a placebo"); eccentric personality with intelligence above the average; "I have a schizoid psychosomatic structure because of a negative uterine imprinting.. I want to employ hypnosis for a physical change, because I am strongly reactive only against X [a member of his family], and my body is oppressed, it's like a raped body".
APPROACH: simple hypnotic approach; very fast and intense trance, with strong physical acting-out, with the client 'speaking' through his body (details omitted for privacy).
RESULT: recovery of a repressed memory of a physical contact with his mother, and recognition, for the first time, of the disproportion between his enormous emotional reaction and the minimal, almost insignificant, physical contact; appearance (during the second session) of several other emotions linked to certain personal experiences of flirt and love (beautiful and positive in themselves, but felt as negative and oppressive); hypnotic emotional correction completed during the third session; hypno-synthesis of the whole work done in the office, with many self-suggestions.
UPDATE (1 year): goal accomplished ("during these months I have recollected many many other memories, and at last I'm feeling relaxed, with neutral emotions, and I have some corporal satisfaction").

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