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104. Anxiety and depression

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: anxiety and depression; "after my childbirth I became very depressed, and I vomited everything; I received some anti-depressants and sedatives, but without results; then I started again to overeat, and I know that I use the vomit against my nervousness, and I'm very fatigued, and I neglect myself.. I simply would like to leave back this bad period of my life".
APPROACH: usage of very brief and fragmentary hypnotic techniques during the spare moments of silence of this woman, by focusing her attention towards the primary importance of herself.
RESULT: remarkable quietness after the first session, and complete disappearance of her vomit after the second and last session.
UPDATE (8 months): vomit disappearance within 3-4 weeks after the first session, without relapses; good return to normality ("now I eat quietly, and this is no longer a worrying issue for me.. at last I'm well").

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