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103. Lichen, insomnia, colitis

PERSON: man.
DESCRIPTION: conversion disorder (anxiety expressed as lichen, insomnia, colitis); intelligence clearly above the average; more that ten years of psychotherapy and drugs, but with unsatisfactory results; significant shifts of mood from too low to too high self-esteem; "I want to have an healthier belly and to improve the quality of my sleep".
APPROACH: hypnotic utilization of his remarkable personal energy; involuntary contractions of his abdomen during the trance, very surprising for him; hypnotic acting-out of strong conflicts and rage; almost complete loss of his sense of time ("it's incredible.. completely inexplicable!"); emotional insight after self-hypnoanalysis.
RESULT: intense involuntary motor activations and disactivations of his abdomen during the first session; bowel improvement after the second session, but with unaltered lichen and also a worsening of his nail biting; "strange situation of well-being" without consequences despite two days of overeating in a restaurant; discovery, during the third session, of a true deep fright of his pauses and inactivities; decision to interrupt the work ("I didn't notice any improvement in my bowel.. on the contrary, today it is worse than the usual.. but the paradox that shocks me is that my mood is a lot better than before, and this is a thing that I am definitely unable to understand").
UPDATE (6 month): no further news.

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