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102. Smoking reduction

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: chain smoking; "my mouth is like an ashtray, my teeth are decaying, and I have a chronic bronchitis, but if I try to stay away from smoking then I crave and dream cigarettes even during the night, and I begin again to smoke immediately.. moreover, if I quit I'm afraid I will gain weight".
APPROACH: questions about how she wanted to get rid of her smoking habit ("I want a gradual path, decreasing to no less than 3-4 cigarettes a day, because I'm definitely not ready to quit"); hypnotic work aimed to smoking reduction as much as possible, in accord with her conscious unwillingness to quit; trance deepening and 'meditation' about smoking.
RESULT: smoking decreased from 40 to 15 cigarettes a day after the preliminary session (where the client entered in trance many times); further reduction down to only 5 cigarettes a day after the first hypnotic session; "my craving lessened a lot.. I discovered that my nervousness comes from my period and from my problems with my husband"; several abreactions during her trance in the second and last hypnotic session.
UPDATE (2 months): smoking still at 5 cigarettes per day; no further news.

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