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101. Obsessive thoughts

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: obsessive thoughts: "since several weeks I see the window and I want to jump from it; or I walk along the street while thinking: 'what if I fall down?'. I saw a child on a little wall and I thought: 'what if he falls? What if I pull him down?'. There was a pregnant woman, and my thought was: 'what if I punch her womb?'. These thoughts are scaring me; a neurologist prescribed me some drugs because she thinks that I have some phobias; I followed her advice, but I didn't have any benefit; I have a lot of anxiety, I'm exhausted, and the churches frighten me; I want to be happy and to have the mind free from these horrible thoughts".
APPROACH: acceptance of her terms for the hypnotic work; initial training aimed at learning how to be more quiet; hypnotic emotional self-correction of her fear of being unable to get rid of the obsessions; hallucinatory review of several scenes in presence of many windows, and posthypnotic suggestion to replicate hypnosis at home; extension and deepening of the trance.
RESULT: bad thoughts still heavily present, but certainly less obsessive and less aggressive after the first session; "I feel lightly the obsession of the window, let's say from 10 now it's 7, and I have been very very well for an entire day, with those bad thoughts blunted or almost inexistent"; further improvements after the second session ("Sunday I didn't have those thoughts.. it has been wonderful.. now they fluctuate from 7 to 5"), after the third session ("the window is now neutral, and now I even have a good relationship with all the windows"), and after the fourth and last session ("now my thoughts are stable, reduced down to 3, so low that now I stay at home with pleasure, while in the past I always wanted to escape.. but now I have learned how to handle this").
UPDATE (1 year): no further news, no further contacts.

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