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99. Obsessive-compulsive disorder

PERSON: man.
DESCRIPTION: obsessive-compulsive disorder; bully victim (in family, at school, and then at work) during the childhood and adolescence; "I have developed many fears, with absurd feelings of guilt; I have been treated by a psychologist, a psychiatrist, and also a psychotherapist, and all of them say to me that I'm a child that refused to grow, and I feel guilty, I'm tired, I would like to be happy and I know that I have already lost my youth, I want to cry but I know that I won't do it, and I smoke to harm myself; I have always been jovial, despite my countless problems during my early years".
APPROACH: hypnotic utilization of his low self-esteem and of the fact that now he doesn't care about his life; good trance; considerable personal effort in his sessions, with excellent improvement in his personal work.
RESULT: resumption of his sport activity after the first session ("I don't know how, but the anxiety decreased at normal levels, and I'm realizing that I obsess people with my behavior"), moderate reduction of his "obsessive automatisms" ("I feel good at 70%, and I'm sorry for past horrors"); two weeks without obsessions after the second session ("excellent days.. I discovered that I have a lot of aggressiveness, and that I want to say 'stop' to this self-injury"); even larger periods of serenity after the third and last session ("I'm fine at 80%, and even my back is improving; I have cut down the 99% of my anxiety, and I have many creative stimuli").
UPDATE (3 months): a message from him: "I told you that I was born to laugh.. now I'm like that again"; no further news.

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