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98. Fibromyalgia

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: fibromyalgia, probably related to emotional issues (4 years of psychoanalysis).
APPROACH: hypnotic utilization of her positive feeling toward the fibromyalgia ("it opened to me new sights, it's a growth") and of the fact that in her opinion is unacceptable to be born to suffer; formal, overt, well-explained inductions (in order to satisfy her very analytical and rational mind).
RESULT: good hypnotic control of pain since the second session (pain from 9 to 7 in the most painful parts, and from 7 to 3 in less painful body parts); spontaneous extension of her work, from symptoms to personality, after the accidental discovery of her "bad closure" during a non verbal approach, where she reacted with an intense fear when my fingers were gently moving her forearm from one position to another; spontaneous insight during the third session ("I feel that my physical problem represents a grief.. but now it is only a soreness rather than a pain, and I'm a lot better"); experimental demonstration of the fact that her symptoms are a somatic expression of some anxieties related to physical contact, because they are very sensitive to the way of hugging or being hugged (details omitted for privacy).
UPDATE (9 months): satisfactory and stable results.

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