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97. Migraine and tension headache

PERSON: girl.
DESCRIPTION: migraine with tension headache, both intractable. Useless therapies in four pain care centers; acupuncture ineffective; drug intoxication; "pulsing" migraine for 3-4 days a week, and permanent headache with facial pain every day; "I have spent tens of thousands of euros in vain".
APPROACH: general preparatory hypnotic training, gradual production of intense dissociations, physical alterations, and body disorientation; unexpected development of abreactions and complete, spontaneous hallucinatory phenomena (described by her in this way: "I wanted to tell you a curious thing.. even with my eyes open I can't see anything, I don't see you nor the room, it's all a strange fog, and I only see some faces that don't seem familiar to me.. I'm perfectly conscious, but the situation is this.. now I feel a lot of anger, and also a great fear"); fragmentary but very meaningful hypnoanalysis; optimal hypnotic learning for pain control at home.
RESULT: complete absence of pain for four days after the first session (with her great astonishment for that), but then return of pain practically like before, despite certain asymptomatic periods never seen before ("something has changed, but I don't know yet what it is"); hypnotic pain reduction after the second session ("it has been very strange, because when the pain begins then it grows, but after our session it stopped, and the next day I have been fine, but then the pain came back, and sometimes I tried to resist it"); definite reduction of the average pain (from 8 to 6) after the third session, where she developed a deep trance and strong emotional abreactions; pain stabilization around the moderate level (6) reached previously, unexpected normalization of her menstrual period, and reappearance of the interests for the normal daily life after the fourth session; migraine pain stable at 6 after the fourth session, but with continual increase of good days (spontaneous lack of pain) and decrease of symptomatic days; return to work, interrupted since a quite long time because of the disabling pain; pain definitely under control.
UPDATE (8 months): no further contacts with the client.

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