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95. Migraine with aura

PERSON: man.
DESCRIPTION: typical migraine with aura, since childhood; examined by more than 50 (fifty) physicians; nausea and vomit for entire hours; one attack every two months (aura, visual disturbances, tingling, then violent symptoms like a terrific indigestion); tac showing atrophic spots in the frontal and subcortical brain; legs with reactive chondropathies; definite willing to use hypnosis against those very serious attacks (he has been hospitalized two times because of those attacks despite all the drugs used); asthenia, insomnia.
APPROACH: simple induction; hypnotic training to condition muscular responses; concentration exercises; training against tension ("during the night I feel that my sleep is full of anxiety").
RESULT: nocturnal dream activity restored after the first session; greater general quietness; surprising control of a symptomatic but abortive attack after the second session ("I'm very astonished, it never happened before.. after 5 minutes with the usual symptoms the attack didn't come any longer, while the rule is that after those symptoms the attack arises inevitably, leaving me destroyed.. but after this strange start, this time I found myself just tired, and I felt fine"); completion of the hypnotic work ("I'm calm.. in case of need, I know where you are!").
UPDATE (8 months): no further contact from him.

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