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94. Traumata and sexual block

PERSON: man.
DESCRIPTION: traumatic change in early childhood from a serene life with grandparents to a violent life with parents (especially his father); psychogenic impotence; apathy with peaks of out-of-control anxiety (smoking, drinking, nail biting, masturbation); psychoanalysis and psychotherapy with no results; request of getting rid of his tension.
APPROACH: banal hypnotic induction, strong disorientation, silent hypnoanalysis; request to "sabotage even the self-sabotage"; idea of a strong paternal DNA, but used wrongly; induction through an explanation of the planned hypnotic work; repeated regression, good dissociation and hallucinations, protective recovery of his "scared inner child"; work on the sexual block through a simple explanation in trance ("you said to me that your mother didn't want to do it, but she had to do it with your father, and this has happened many times.. it's interesting that some day you too had to do it unwillingly with that girl that you told me about, so you have failed in your erection.. fantastic.. at last, for the first time, you have rejected a sexual scheme that is not yours but of your mother.. a first partial failure of maternal schemes and a first partial success of your own schemes").
RESULT: confusion for an entire week, but then insomnia without nightmares, and definite improvement after the first session; "the memory is there, but the burden has gone"; development of a strange curiosity mixed with disorientation during the second session; emersion of a "new exciting energy" after the third session ("I felt that you respected my intentions, and that you didn't do what you wanted to do, and this has been for me an injection of trust, so I gave you the go-ahead after few minutes. And when you told me to find the child that I wanted to find, then I have seen him, and all at once all the things that I did for twenty years in an indescribable pain had suddenly a meaning.. it was that thing closed within me that made me behave like that.. now I know that I'm all right.. it has been the most beautiful experience of my life"); sexual block solved after the fourth session ("that old guilt now is my point of strength.. my sexual battle started from there, but I didn't understand that until now").
UPDATE (7 months): big permanent advantages after the brief but intense personal hypnotic work; intense, unrestrained sexual activity.

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