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93. Experiencing hypnosis

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: anxiety, rigidity, family problems; explicit desire of experiencing hypnosis, but with evident professional interest (being a therapist and having had unsatisfactory trance experiences).
APPROACH: utilization of her tremendous neck rigidity as a psychosomatic measure of her general anxiety; failure of every attempt of inducing hypnosis through methods recognized by her, but full success with some hidden techniques unrecognized by her; intense deepening of her trance; single session because of her distance from my office and maybe also because of her limited interest (in my opinion she was mainly interested in studying my hypnotic approach, because she uses hypnosis with her patients).
RESULT: increasing feeling of coldness, complete inability to raise her hands despite her efforts (spontaneous, non suggested block), false belief of being out of the trance, but big astonishment for finding her neck completely free from tension.
UPDATE (3 months): no further news from her.

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