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91. Stutter and blocks

PERSON: man.
DESCRIPTION: stammer since a long time; psychotherapies useless; logotherapy useless; drugs useless; introverted personality, mental block, attempts of suicide in order to escape this unbearable stuttering; useless hypnosis previously done with the famous psychiatrist Prof. Granone ("he threatened me.. I escaped"); "I am a reactive depressed, and I have a lot of anger because this problem happened to me and not to someone else".
APPROACH: hypnotic utilization of the evidence that the anger worsens the symptoms and the speech; self-hypnotic training, hypnoanalysis, trance deepening, regression with free associations.
RESULT: desire to try autohypnosis at home immediately; strong hopes and optimism after the first session; emersion of the underlying emotion (tears and pain; recovery of a repressed memory about the bleeding of his mouth; short hypnoanalysis) during the second session; hypnotic demonstration of his ability of reciting a tongue twister without any error during the third session; emersion of deep-seated resentments against his mother; reduction of his drug therapy; mood greatly improved; private review of "every significant mental image"; recovery of an endless number of childhood traumata during the fourth session; speech problem halved; interest for the causes of the problem rather than for the symptom, free ability to cry during the fifth session; evident improvement of his quality of life (mood from 3 to 7); development of a healthy aggressiveness in daily life; mood in constant improvement; completion of his training in self-hypnosis during the sixth session; ability to speak almost normally; good self-confidence; hypnotic dissociation during the seventh session, in order to free himself from a mental obscure and sinister voice that reminds the past; final Skinnerian (operating) conditioning in order to make stable the results.
UPDATE (2 years): great personal satisfaction, and ability to speak almost normally.

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