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90. Endless fear

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: panic attacks, smoking, kidney failure, emotional traumata (betrayal, grief, divorce); five years of psychotherapy almost without results; psychological sessions "with the promise of big changes that I have never seen"; anger for the waste of money; dependent personality; "I would like to get rid of my fear, which sometimes I like because it turns me away from pain.. to understand this ever-present fear is as important as my welfare".
APPROACH: conversational induction through a lesson of neuroendocrinology about the inner works of the so called pituitary-thyroid-adrenal axis; kidney and thyroid hit by the anxiety of the nervous system; hypnotic utilization of the distinction between the useful smoking (to calm down) and the useless smoking (a vane effort to handle the inner pain); excellent trance; second session by phone, casually and informally.
RESULT: good improvement after the first session; "I have understood that my fear is an old anger against my husband"; very satisfactory handling of her anger, mood a lot more stable, relative quietness.
UPDATE (1 year): satisfactory calmness, normal life.

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