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89. ADHD at school

PERSON: child.
DESCRIPTION: diagnosis of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder); lively and clever child, but labeled as problematic at school; mother rather anxious and oppressive.
APPROACH: a simple question to the child (after some time left to his blatant mother): "have you any insufficient grade?"; answer: "no, and I have also some higher grades" (words confirmed by his mother); rapid induction using a shock: "well, if you are doing well at school, then who need a cure is not you, but your teachers (child astonished, mother with her mouth wide open); this ADHD that they diagnosed to you is pure rubbish; you are a lively child, and you don't have to stare endlessly to each word that you hear at school; and because of the fact that your teachers will never accept a check up of their brain, you will do have to deal with it: from time to time pretend to be quiet, and they will buy it like chicken. And you, be thankful for having such a good child. There is no need to work with him. On the contrary, tell to his teachers to come here for some hypnosis in order to relax their nerves. Your son is good just as he is, so don't bother him.. he will see to it, and he will handle all these professors at school".
RESULT: end of school problems, evident improvement of his grades.
UPDATE (1 month): son and mother very satisfied; several clients referred to me by his mother.

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