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88.Irritable bowel

PERSON: girl.
DESCRIPTION: irritable bowel syndrome (diarrhea, gas) since 3 years, started after an antibiotic therapy against a persistent cough (then completely disappeared but replaced by the irritable bowel syndrome); drugs useless, homeopathy useless, naturopathy useless; increasing anxiety; social distress.
APPROACH: general hypnotic training; hypnotic block of the symptom for hypnoanalytical purposes; trance deepening for a better physiological control.
RESULT: fast development of absence, dissociation, then sudden hot flashes, dizziness, nausea, transpiration, blurred vision, spontaneous trance termination with amnesia for trance events, intense feeling of indefinite anguish, her final comment: "I have digested"; sudden appearance of a persistent cough, tears, abreactions, quick insight (symptoms seen by her as an unconscious expression of an anger against some authoritarian figures of her infancy), her astonishment for these understandings coming from within; second session: symptoms cut down to 50%, fear to relapse, intense hypnotic work, frequent burps during the session.
UPDATE (4 months): very good health.

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