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87. Uterine cancer

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: "need of motivation" against an uterine sarcoma; patient not informed about her very severe condition; intense low back aches, extensive tiredness, desire to go around and live normally, unbearable nausea (consequent to chemotherapy).
APPROACH: utilization of her anger for the situation; hypnotic training for a physiological control, alteration of perceptions and of sense of time; development of a persistent feeling of comfort despite her symptoms; anti-emetic hypnosis during the second session, her request to learn to control better also her tenesmus.
RESULT: good recovery of her general tonicity and of her mood after the first session; stable and almost complete nullification of her nausea after the second session; chemotherapy now a lot more tolerable.
UPDATE (2 months): general conditions certainly improved, then urgent hospitalization for a sudden worsening, followed by a very rapid death.

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