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86. Stage fear

PERSON: boy.
DESCRIPTION: always anxious, mood changing from depression to euphoria since his childhood, diagnosed as bipolar, unsatisfactory drug therapies (anxiolytics, anti-psychotic medicines), past abuse of alcohol, cocaine, and cannabis; "locked by this fear, with enormous shifts of mood"; very quick thinking, relaxation impossible; psychotherapies almost futile (psychiatry, psychology, support against abuse, etc.); immediate goal of performing well as an actor in a theater for a very important show.
APPROACH: full assurance about hypnosis safety (contrary to the general physician, his psychiatrist refused to allow the employment of hypnosis, because it is "very dangerous"); absolute resoluteness of the boy to proceed with hypnosis; complete trust in me; my request of a list of common situations where he can feel himself calm; intense, prolonged hypnotic training without pauses; single session because of his distance from my office; hypnotic utilization of the situations that he feels safe and quiet.
RESULT: stage show "excellent", perfect; great satisfaction; from hypnosis "just benefits and no adverse effects"; sadness for the disinformation about hypnosis from his psychiatrist.
UPDATE (5 months): no further news after his very positive report, sent to me by email.

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