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85. Chronic insomnia

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: very light and fragmented sleep since many years, constant negative expectancy and fear of staying awake during the night, absolute refusal to be drug-dependant, hyperactivity, need to program everything, physical and mental fatigue.
APPROACH: easy trance induction despite an extensive skepticism toward hypnosis, sudden discovery of the true reason for her anxiety (fright to lose her father), fear revealed by her only during the next session; her request to hypnotically devaluate such pattern of fear; de-conditioning hypnosis, deeper trance, development of several emotions and of a "pleasant, relieving feeling".
RESULT: sleep slightly improved (only a little) after the first session; two nights of "wonderful sleep" after the second session, and then reduced insomnia with anxiety-free awakening; lifestyle less hurried after the third session; sleep quite satisfactory; end of the hypnotic work.
UPDATE (7 months): sleep almost normal.

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