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84. Irritable bowel

PERSON: girl.
DESCRIPTION: chronic symptoms (retches, colics, violent evacuations) since several years, diagnosis of IBS since five months, anger for certain offensive wrongs, sadness for these handicapping clinical conditions.
APPROACH: utilization of her curiosity for hypnosis and of her bright intelligence (definitely above average); trance development without her awareness down to deep somnambulism, session of several hours with free training, letting her explore everything; strong abreactions during the second session, muscular spasms, automatic crying (without knowing the reason), with very abundant tears, torpor, coldness and hotness, vision impaired; feeling of having being emptied; throat and bowel both quiet; second session with hallucinations of childhood events and verbal free associations from her part; autohypnotic training for body control; third an last session with rapid development of an intense trance with neurovegetative somatizations and hallucinatory activities with her eyes open.
RESULT: nocturnal pain attacks after the session, so intense to awaken her (this was never happened before), then an entire week with absolute wellbeing and no symptoms, then again colics and retches, but milder, then further improvement after three days; after the second session, retches reduced (in intensity) from 10 to 4-5, and colics reduced from 10 to 1-2, "almost disappeared" steadily (for five-six months); third session aimed to restore the self-hypnotic control (greatly reduced after a disturbing family problem).
UPDATE (3 months): normal life, symptoms under control, "after something like ten years or more, those spasms have almost deserted me".

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