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83. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

PERSON: man.
DESCRIPTION: uncontainable diarrhea (several times every year), with minor (partially controllable) attacks weekly; diagnosis of irritable bowel; normal abdominal echography, gastro-esophageal reflux, little hiatal hernia, suspected calculi in the gall bladder; intense anxiety in absence of a toilet in the immediate environment.
APPROACH: utilization of his need of freedom and normality; immediate trance, spontaneous dissociation more intense after trance deepening; gut "as quiet as at home"; remarkable time distortion; very good mood after trance awakening; long but one-shot session because of his great distance from my office.
RESULT: immediate, extensive, and persistent well-being (no symptoms); phone call from his part after a "wonderful" whole month because of some diarrhea after a rather serious bad event within his family; immediate session by phone (about 15 minutes), with a good hypnotic trance.
UPDATE (3 months): new phone call from him, after two months since that hypnotic session by phone, saying: "I'm very well"; my request to call again in case of any news; no further contact from him.

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