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82. Apnea

PERSON: man.
DESCRIPTION: weight loss recommended by his physician because of his hypertension and diabetes; serious nocturnal apnea (even 90 seconds) with interrupted sleep, unsatisfactory therapies at the sleep center, respiratory device insufficient, diets ineffective.
APPROACH: my comments on his daily way of breathing (involuntary ventilation very short frequent, and superficial, like an anxious breathing). Trance development without his awareness, jaws very numb, amnesic training for his eating, good time distortion, visual illusions with his eyes open.
RESULT: better eating after the first session, more calmness, loss of more than one kg of weight, evident reduction of his anxious breathing, with impressive physiological improvement in his involuntary way of breathing; hypnotic work interrupted by me because of a medical decision to intervene urgently on his diabetes through gastric surgical by-pass.
UPDATE (5 months): no news from him.

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