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81. Anxiety somatization

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: panic attacks, intense anxiety, tiredness, dizziness, fear to fall, feelings of warmth in stomach and face; drugs (from a neurologist) useless; "fear of everything" since four years, "heavy head, as if it is about to fly away"; fear of having fear in public places; headaches at every period.
APPROACH: hypnotic training on the muscular tone; strong dissociation and anesthesia; suggestive reinforcing hypnosis; self-hypnosis training during the second session.
RESULT: period "for the fist time without discomfort", noticeably free to go around in public places, interesting developments in her self-hypnosis ("I have seen my future and I had pleasant thoughts"); satisfactory and persistent quietness; hypnotic work ended after only two sessions.
UPDATE (3 months): good normality.

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