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78. After 50 years

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: depressed since fifty years; self-injuries, hysterical reactions, horrible infancy, sadness and emptiness, phobias, panic; psychotherapies useless; hypnosis useless; drugs useless; sexually abused by two psychotherapists for "therapeutic purposes"; infective hepatitis to keep under control.
APPROACH: strange transpiration (during hypnosis) only from fingertips (drops of water from them); terror of death; marked time distortion in hypnoanalysis; legs going up and down; "what's happening? (I'm escaping)"; pre-surgical hypnosis for an imminent intervention.
RESULT: intervention in hospital without any fear, for the first time; significant transaminases decrease after the hypnotic training: AST (normal value: under 31) from 268 to 134, and ALT (normal value: less than 31) from 301 to 158; prolonged hypnotic work (about 20 sessions).
UPDATE (6 months): good sleep; no drugs against her anxiety; ability to stay alone, "brain clean" after 50 years, willingness to enjoy life.

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