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74. Block

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: inability, since twenty years, to rebel against the overbearing actions of her mother-in-law; sadness; insecurity; low self-esteem; "knot in the stomach", fear, and block at every attempt to defend herself.
APPROACH: "we could use the old schemes of submission as a safe and known ground for a cautious exploration of other schemes, completely new schemes"; symptom evocation in waking hypnosis by thinking to the mother-in-law; new evocations, but this time "with the old scheme plus something else not well defined": hypnoanalysis on unpleasing past memories; cold comments of the subject; single session.
RESULT: hypnotic development of a symptom-free condition while recalling her mother-in-law.
UPDATE (3 months): satisfactory handling of her mother-in-law.

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