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73. Fearful retarded

PERSON: boy.
DESCRIPTION: obsessive fear to be left alone; mental ability less than normal (60%); his insistence on a "lack of confirmations"; psychotherapies useless, drugs contraindicated because destabilizing.
APPROACH: elementary, because of the mental retard; my persistent statements in order to limit his endless fear; normal hypnotic inductions not applicable; hypnosis induced by using his fears; subject's belief that my strange procedures were highly beneficial for him; employment of flaunty and impressive (but hypnotically nonsensical and useless) rituals; subject's attention more and more enrolled; "my sight is foggy, then I'm relaxing.. my hands float in midair, therefore I'm more quiet.. hypnosis is a confirmation, so I can sleep alone"; spontaneous auto-suggestions of confirmation; continuous encouragement from my part to do that.
RESULT: good improvements; third session: "stop with this hypnosis.. now I always sleep alone, and I'm in peace. I have within me my confirmations.. other will come, is it true?".
UPDATE (3 months): parents confirm that now he sleeps alone in his bed, and is quiet.

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