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69. Depression

PERSON: woman.
DESCRIPTION: sadness and anguish; fixed idea that nothing can improve; refusal of any psychotherapy; referred by her physician for an explorative, non therapeutic hypnosis; fears; hyperhidrosis, excessive compliance, loneliness, flat life.
APPROACH: supportive hypnosis; hallucinations about quietly driving a car in presence of many harmless people; strengthening hypnosis; brief hypnoanalysis on her discovery of a sexual abuse of her father on her when she was little.
RESULT: transpiration spontaneously zeroed in the first session; better nocturnal sleep; less nervous hunger; anxiety "now different"; separation from her partner (a parasite), self-dismissal from a workplace where she has been exploited; ability to come in my office alone, without escorts, for the 6th session.
UPDATE (2 years): constant improvements; sporadic hypnotic sessions for maintenance.

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