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68. With me you'll fail

PERSON: mature man.
DESCRIPTION: hypertension, high blood levels of glucose, too authoritarian with himself, too much work, intense stress, irascible and aggressive; great need of more calmness.
APPROACH: "(for me relaxation is impossible.. nobody can hypnotize me.. many have tried, but in vain; I'm not hypnotizable; I have warned you). Well, since you can only become tense, what about going in a trance while you are fully tense? And since I cannot hypnotize you, you will have to do it by yourself. Do you prefer serious hypnosis or stage hypnosis? That's the same, because neither will work, am I right?". Spot gaze induction, almost immediate trance development; "(damn, but I'm resisting, oh yes, here there is a wall.. I resist.. I resist, you can see that I'm resisting hypnosis, can't you? Do you see my resistance, don't you?). What's happening to your arm? It seems cataleptic. (Damn bitch.. do you know that I have tried in every way to stand up but I could not? Look that hypnosis.. and I was really oppositive.. how did you do it?). I don't know, the nervous system is yours. (Do you know, it's truly unbelievable.. this is the first time in my life that I'm able to relax). Strange feeling, isn't it? You are not familiar with it. Thus study it for a while, in order to know it better [immediate entrance in a deep hypnosis]"; hypnotic work on sad memories selected by him; ability to awaken from hypnosis within an instant.
RESULT: good nocturnal sleep after the 3rd session; general tension halved after the 4th session; spontaneous smoking cessation.
UPDATE (3 months): learned calmness always active and available.

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