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66. Fast hypnoanalysis

PERSON: adult girl.
DESCRIPTION: intense anxiety with somatic symptoms despite drugs; contorted stomach, psoriasis, allergies, terrible migraine for even 15 days; husband often drunk and violent; nightmares with a recurrent theme of death; great desire to find some peace.
APPROACH: acceptance of the subject's request to work while sitting on the floor and hugging the chair; immediate development of hypnosis, strong physical and muscular reactions, loss of equilibrium, emotional suffering; awakened but completely amnesic; her request to be taken and kept by the hand; sudden glassy look as soon as her hand has contacted mine; "I'm full of fear, but I don't know what it is.. I need your hand". Then ,after a while: "now I know. It is when I was little"; her perceived time: 10 minutes [clock time: 1 hour]; second session definitely overwhelming; consciousness flooded by a river of traumatic memories.
RESULT: no more nightmares, forgetful of taking anxiolytics; third appointment canceled because not needed.
UPDATE (1 month): stable improvement.

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