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64. I want a baby

PERSON: adult woman.
DESCRIPTION: extreme desire to become mother; envy and embarrassment for other mothers; excessive anxiety preventing her pregnancy.
APPROACH: training for a good bodily functionality, suitable for pregnancy; hypnotic production of several abdominal and ventral phenomena, mainly aimed to release tensions and anxiety; exploration about the level of sexual pleasure reached by her and still to reach; development of an infantile desire to explore, play, and interact until everything is done, like a child; hidden post-hypnosis: "(I'm eating too much! I eat for two!). Do you realize what you have said? You are about to become pregnant"; training for time-distortion and amnesia about food; anger attack for the appearance of her period despite a very promising sexual intercourse; deep disappointment; utilization of a practical example, my cousin Pieralfredo, one that nothing can bother, and that life rewards with a daily joy; very deep trance, insistence on ideas of ability and competence; about 10 sessions.
RESULT: end of her vaginal pain during intercourse; more calmness; amazement for her ability to watch a TV documentary about childbirth without the usual reactions of horror and rejection; development of more fearless sexual behavior; good improvement in her relationship with her husband; completely new, positive attitude toward the kitchen; increased eating.
UPDATE (2 years): positive test for pregnancy 15 days after the last session; birth of a beautiful female baby after 9 months.

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