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62. Childbirth

PERSON: girl.
DESCRIPTION: pregnancy almost at its end, feeling of being oppressed by something, intense nervousness, great desire for a serene, quick, and natural childbirth; no fear of pain; worries for a possible post-partum depression.
APPROACH: hypnotic training for childbirth; emotional reaction to a little brother died of leukemia; spontaneous hallucination [during her car trip toward my office] of her baby as she were already born; hypnotic training for amnesia, analgesia, catalepsy, and dissociation; abreaction with a "lump in the throat"; brief hypnoanalysis; hypnotic conditioning in order to associate the presence of her husband with a feeling of safety during the childbirth; three sessions.
RESULT: auto-hypnotic control of her contractions.
UPDATE (3 months): birth artificially promoted by oxytocin and cesarean; no post-partum depression; extremely rapid convalescence of the girl; feeling of freedom from the past oppression.

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