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61. Depression

PERSON: girl.
DESCRIPTION: severe depression since several months, heartbreaking cries; several candida infections and herpes relapses; psychology ineffective; theater actress like her father; initially proud of the artistic talent of his father, but then envious; conflict for her deep love for a father that had become also an unreachable artistic model; "giant and frustrating".
APPROACH: change of father image through conversational hypnosis; induction: "your father is comic, let's say, at 5% as an actor, and at 95% as his own personality, therefore not versatile, sorry, I mean 'not rigid' at 5% and therefore rigid at 95%, being himself 'not rigid' only in amusing roles [insistence on the word 'rigid'; girl in a total confusion, my voice strong and clear from that moment on]. Your father is better than you in the comical personality, but he is worse than you in versatility. Now, what is more important for actors? To be themselves, or to be versatile? So, where is all that inimitable skill of your father? I just see a 95% of rigidity; now look at that point in front of you, and while looking at that spot.. your sight is no longer normal [fixed gaze]. I talk to you, and you, when you are ready.. when you are ready.. [her head begins to nod affirmatively many times].. ready to review.. the scene of your audition.. whenever you want.. [copious tears]". Her comments: "I felt like crying.. I have seen everything, there, in front of me, and I felt like laughing, but I was not able to do it. I was observing myself intensely, but at the same time I was also into that scene, that is I was outside looking it, but I was also inside those events that I was watching.. I don't understand"; spontaneous entrance into a long deep trance of silence. Then: "sorry, I have cut off also your voice.. everything disappeared, I didn't know where I was, and now it seems to me that I know everything, but I don't know what it is.. I don't understand"; final post-hypnotic suggestion: "I don't think that we will meet again".
RESULT: problem solved.
UPDATE (5 months): she is happy [information received from a friend interested in hypnosis].

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