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60. Children's fears

PERSON: child (10 years).
DESCRIPTION: unwillingness to go to school alone, adducing the excuse that at the nursery school he had an episode of vomit (not confirmed by the parents); mother forced to ask the permission of her boss to leave the workplace and take the child at school every morning; psychology sessions useless; pediatric psychiatry ineffective.
APPROACH: indirect hypnosis: "(I want to go at school with my mommy but without disturbing her. I want to go alone like my friends. I feel bad because they are able to do that, but I'm not). Well, if you want to feel good then go to school and don't bother your mother. (My dear, I do something only if I want to do it, otherwise I don't do it. If my mother doesn't take me to school, I won't go to school. I'm the one that decides what to do, and nobody can do anything about this). Ok, mother, listen to me [authoritarian words actually directed to the child]: it is clear that it will be HE, and only HE [pointing the finger to the child], and really only HE, and nobody else than HE, to.. [child already in trance, gazing at me] decide in what way the matter will be solved [said with a very gentle voice]. Then, mother, [tone authoritarian again], first point: when he will be ready, and will be willing to do it, then he and only he will do it! It will be he that will decide when, even if obviously now he is clearly unable to do it. One must proceed gradually. Is that clear? Second point: he told something about vomiting, therefore there must be something true in it. Is that clear?"; second session: insistence on the concept that if he want to do something, then he will do it [hidden inversion of the original idea: "if I don't want, I don't do"]; inversion of the contest [I express many doubts about his abilities, and he becomes oppositive and tries to do something of value]; hypnoanalysis about the vomit in the 3rd session in order to fill a lack of memories about the episode [known sequence: meal at the nursery school, then blank, then a school caretaker that is wiping the table]; quick hypnosis; the child explains in his own words: "I'm eating.. I put the plate on a hard surface.. oh, it's flipping over.. someone has seen the food falling over me.. says that I have vomited.. but it is false! Then they have called the caretaker to clean".
RESULT: after the first session the child has taken the school bus alone and without fears; mother replaced by the aunt after the second session; hypnoanalysis on the vomit; appearance of the ability to eat at school; fast reduction of food-related fears.
UPDATE (2 months): all right; mother: "he is so well that he had the chicken pox with just seven microscopic pocks".

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